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By Sen. Sue Cline

The 2017 Regular Session of the Legislature now has about two weeks left and much has taken place. Here is an update of what we are working on to improve West Virginia as crunch time approaches.

One of the largest accomplishments for me this session was to be able to recognize some of our home town residents. Senate Resolution 41 recognized Pineville Middle School’s Pineville Giving Tree project. I am so proud of these students and their accomplishments.

We also had one of own from McDowell County visit the capitol on Monday and he was recognized with Senate Resolution 43. Being present to honor Homer Hickam was a personal pleasure.

An issue close to my heart was the honoring of “Rosie the Riveters” as my mother was a Rosie.

Bills regarding children have been passed through the Senate and sent to the House for their approval. SB 288 would double the penalties for child abuse offenses and SB 243 would repeal statutory language authorizing a minor over age of fourteen years to nominate a guardian in domestic relation matters.

Health issues include SB 360, which would create a legislative coalition to study and report to the Legislature on diabetes in the state. SB 398 would create The Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act to regulate the practice of volunteer health practitioners during an emergency and create a registration system that grants reciprocity to licenses issued to volunteer health practitioners in other states during an emergency. Also SB 27 would permit home-based, micro-processing foods to be sold at farmers markets.

Regarding criminals, SB 219 would create a criminal offense to hold all participants involved in a conspiracy to violate the drug laws responsible. HB 2766 would establish a new special revenue fund to collect and remit moneys to the Adult Drug Court Participation Fee Fund in the state to maintain and administer the state’s adult drug court programs.

SB 290 would allow distillery or mini-distillery operators to offer liquor for purchase and consumption on the premises on Sundays beginning at 1 p.m.

SB 308 would define legislatively that the administrative and law enforcement activities of the natural resources police officers of the Division of Natural Resources are directly related to the conservation and management of the state’s fish and wildlife.

SB 500 would add language to the West Virginia Code providing clarity in the representation of cases relating to Medicaid fraud and abuse, as well as continue the fraud control unit in the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit of the Attorney General’s office after July 1, 2017.

Regarding education, SB 524 would prohibit implementation of Common Core academic standards and require the adoption of new standards.

As always, it is a pleasure to serve as your senator from the 9th district. Call my office at (304) 357-7807 or email me at [email protected] with any comments, concerns or questions that you may have about our state’s issues.

By Sen. Sue Cline

Sue Cline, a Republican, represents the 9th District in the State Senate.

Sue Cline, a Republican, represents the 9th District in the State Senate.

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