Legislative session now at halfway point

By Sen. Sue Cline

The 2017 Regular Session of the 83rd Legislature is now past the halfway point and much has taken place. Here’s another update of what bills we are working on in the legislature.

In the Senate, we have passed SB 256 relating to prohibiting aiding and abetting of sexual abuse by school personnel and SB 326 requiring the Department of Defense family advocacy groups be notified about abuse or neglect of military member’s child.

HB 2167 has passed both houses and will create a Silver Alert program for Senior Citizens, a much needed service. This aids cognitively impaired adults or seniors and gives them immunity from civil or criminal liability. This also give notice to participating media for broadcasting alerts.

HB 2099 also passed both the House and Senate. This bill is known as “Erin’s Law” and would add a new offense of leaving the scene of an accident when there is serious bodily injury. The code section also mandates that the commissioner must revoke the driver’s license or permit for a period of one year from the date of the conviction or the date of release from incarceration-whichever is later. This particular section is known and can be cited as “Erin’s Law.” The purpose of this bill is to define the act of leaving the scene of a crash involving death or serious bodily injury as a felony.

I have also introduced two resolutions in the Senate. SCR 35 would urge congress to reassess the federal definition of industrial hemp which would grow our Agriculture industry. SCR 37 would urge the Department of Transportation to use exiting electronic signs on highways to display appropriate highway safety messages. I felt a need for this because of many people driving in rainy conditions with no headlights, making it difficult to see the vehicles.

Another bill that I support is SB 28. This bill would create a new system for certain bordering counties to establish regional recreation activities. The goal of the bill is to establish trails for off-highway recreational vehicles such as the Hatfield McCoy Trail in other areas of West Virginia. This would mean growth and economic development in many areas.

As always, it is a pleasure to serve as your senator from the 9th district. Call my office at (304) 357-7807 or email me at [email protected] with any comments, concerns or questions that you may have about our state’s issues.

Sue Cline, a Republican, represents the 9th District in the State Senate.

By Sen. Sue Cline

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