BOE hears RESA update

By John Conley - [email protected]

Dr. Robin Lewis of RESA updated the Wyoming County Board of Education at its meeting.

RESAs, which provide professional develoment and other services to school systems, are being restructured under legislation approved recently.

“She discussed recent legislative changes,” said Superintendent of Schools Deirdre Cline. “They are in a year transition to be phased out.

“We don’t know what that process is going to be yet,” Cline remarked.

Cline said Lewis “gave a very good breakdown of the services RESA offers to the Board of Education.”

RESA provides “public service training support,” she reported.

Also, Assistant Principal for Secondary Schools Robin Hall reviewed a Program of Study which involves collaboration among the principals of the high schools and Career and Technical Center.

“It breaks down career pathways so students will know what course work are tailored for them,” Cline explained.

“It functions like a college catalog, and it is as simple and clear as we can make it for students, teachers and parents,” she said.

Changes were made in Policy 5302, which involves grade weighting.

While some classes have been weighted for years, “we wanted to be more include and more authentic in terms of what is offered at the Career Center,” Cline reported. “Some of those classes are extremely rigorous and worthy of being weighted.”

Other news:

The board asked that a representative from a legal firm attend a future meeting to discussthe possibity of the BOE bringing suit against drug companies.

“It’s an exploratory discussion of possibilities,” said Cline. “Nothing has been finalized or decided. There is nothing definitive at all.”

The Mullens Elementary School Local School Improvement Council made its annual report to the board.

“They did a wonderful presentation,” Cline commented. “They had students who showed how they started their day, the mission statement, the school cheer.

Test scores were reviewed.

Kara Brown’s fourth grade class presented their data notebooks to board members.

“It was a wonderful display of hands-on learning,” Cline remarked.

The board will send a letter to the Baileysville Community Center requesting that the Bud school building be returned to the BOE.

“They were given 10 days,” Cline said.

The BOE will meet on Apri 24 at 10 a.m. at Pineville Middle School.

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By John Conley

[email protected]

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