Board approves termination/transfer list

By John Conley - [email protected]

The Wyoming County Board of Education approved the termination and transfer list at its meeting on Thursday night.

At the board’s request, Superintendent of Schools Deirdre Cline discussed the process followed in developing the list.

She noted that persons on the transfer/termination list will be able to bid on any job that is posted.

Cline said she, assistant superintendents Robin Hall and Rebecca Cooke and Stacey Lusk-Butcher, director of assessments, collaborated in the process.

“We studied enrollment trends and studied school schedules to see what entrollment trends and projections are going to look like,” she commented.

She said the approach is to be “as lawful and transparent as we can.”

The county is 60 positions (22 professional personnel, 38 service personnel) over the state aid formula.

The school levy helps to pay for some positions but not all of them, she noted.

A face to face meeting was held with each employee on the transfer/termination list if possible, Cline reported.

Employee response was “graceful and undertanding,” she said.

Meetings were also held with principals and student faculty presidents to prepare them for the process.

“We tried to answer questions as openly and honestly as we could and with as much compassion as we could,” she remarked.

Cline noted that some people on the list will be called back to work due to state requirements for classroom sizes and special education.

She also discussed the reserve pool. “It’s a pool of postions that any professinal employee can bid on,” she explained.

In an interview with the Independent Herald, the superintendent says if a teacher resigns or retires, “if we’re going to replace them we have to put them in a reserve pool.

“Any professional employee can bid on that pool of jobs,” she commented. “It’s not just for terminations and transfers.”

Persons from out of state or out of county are not eligble to bid on those jobs, Cline indicated.

The exact totals for transfers and terminations aren’t known yet.

“I do believe we will be able to carry some overage,” Cline remarked.

“We haven’t gone through the preschool screenings yet, and we have to go through the IEP numbers,” she said. “There are some unknown variables.”

“Many of those employees (on the lists) will have jobs,” she said. “We have to assess our needs.

“We just hate that this is necessary, but we believe brighter days are ahead,” she stated.

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By John Conley

[email protected]

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